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October 20, 2009

Bearenstein bear

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I was at the mall the other day and walked by a Build-a-bear workshop, which I don’t think I’ve ever done before. Have people seen these? They’re really creepy. Like, the premise is you come in and assemble a bear and design it to your specifications. That is a little weird but it’s not any weirder than, say, Project Aiko. No, what weirds me out is the Build-a-bear promise:

My bear is special
I brought it to life
I choose it
I stuffed it
Now I am taking it home
Best friends are forever
So I promise right now
To make my bear my
#1 PAL !

Have we heard this before? We sure have.

And really, considered in that light, the stores make a lot more sense – how better to recruit an army of willing soldiers than to indoctrinate kids when they’re young, get them to swear an oath of permanent loyalty and then, years later, the bears call in their favors.

Of course, there’s another obvious thing it’s like. (And for people who think I misspelled the post title, just consider The Berenstain Bears and the Hunchbacked Grave-Robber.)

October 8, 2009

Jeff in Venice, The Third Policeman, Shadow Pavilion

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Doo te doo te doo, it’s time for another episode of the increasingly erratic bookclub. Perhaps soon I will even be reviewing some IF too. It is a magical time in which anything could happen! But for now:

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