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May 14, 2010

Echo Bazaar (pt 5, Social Games)

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Sorry, real-life stuff is getting in the way of more game design discussion (and I’m almost done anyway). So I think today I’m going to detour and do a short post about the kind of gameplay that happens mostly outside the game, and come back next week sometime with a wrapup post. (Incidentally, Alexis showed up and put a couple comments on the last post, which was pretty cool to see.)

May 9, 2010

Echo Bazaar (pt 4, Tactics)

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Greetings, delicious Echo Bazaar discussion fans. In the previous post I addressed item economy, adventure arrangement, and overall game goals — in other words, the things that define your long-term strategic play. Today we’ll be talking about the short-term stuff: tactics.

May 4, 2010

Echo Bazaar (pt 3, Item Alternatives)

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If it’s Tuesday (which it is), it must be time for more Echo Bazaar discussion. Last post I talked about problems I saw with the existing game design. Today I’m going to talk about solutions. Or at least suggest some things that’ll cause different problems.

May 2, 2010

Echo Bazaar (pt 2, Incentives)

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Here’s my next Echo Bazaar post. If you haven’t played, read the previous post, so you know what I’m talking about. And what I am talking about today is some incentive analysis.

Echo Bazaar (pt 1, Introduction)

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Ok, Echo Bazaar. It’s the hot new game which everyone is talking about, but I see surprisingly little discussion of the actual game design. Since I am interested in game design, it seems like I should post about it. So I will!

I’m going to probably post this in a couple sections. This first one is just an introduction to the game for people not familiar with it; you can probably skim if you’ve played already.

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