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April 26, 2011

Board Game: the RPG

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As mentioned on the mud a bit, I’m sketching out plans to run what is basically a board game/wiki/RPG mashup game. The idea is it’ll be some kind of politics/building/attacking/exploration game where the majority of play is offline: there’ll be a map with tokens, you decide what you want to do and edit the wiki or email me, and we work out what happens and update the wiki with results, and then it’s the next player’s turn. Occasionally there will be opportunities for live play on the mud like we do for normal RPGs, I assume once every couple weeks. These will be optional — you can play entirely offline if you want. The system will be some kind of FATE variant like I usually do, but with considerably more expansive rules for the board game component (not crazy complicated, but it’ll feel structured).

Gameplay inspirations are Civilization, Diplomacy, Star Saga, and (on the RPG side) Kingmaker and Houses of the Blooded. There will be some space for collaborative world-building, but (I am guessing) this is going to be a lot more “game” than “cooperative writing project”.

Interested? Awesome. I put together a survey about what sort of game this might be like — if you have opinions or just want to show your interest in playing, please fill it out.

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