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July 10, 2010

Agents GM notes

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As is traditional (well, once), I am writing up GM notes in advance so I can look back later and see which, if any, get used in the actual game. Also in the hopes it might be helpful.

For the pirates game I mostly wrote up interest groups and character names/traits in them, on the assumption that if the players got proactive about something I’d have some opposition to pick from. But what turned out in practice is the players weren’t super-proactive (hmm, that isn’t quite true — but they’re proactive in the sense of “let’s sneak into this guy’s house”, rather than “let’s try to get a scheme going”). Anyway, what I wrote up last time wasn’t useful. So this time I’m going to try something different. Namely, scenes.

In theory, characters’ aspects and stunts show what kind of things they want to be cool doing. So I should write up some scenes that facilitate whatever kind of coolness they want. So let’s see.

Jota’s guy, Tesher Bendros, is a smuggler who is secretly an operative for a rebel group. Stuff that would facilitate what he wants:

  • Bureaucrats he can argue with/outwit
  • Rich, evil people he can con/give just desserts to
  • Getting captured/chased, so he can impersonate one of the background NPCs
  • Getting his ship searched while he’s carrying something important, so he can have it not be found (how/when do you make this cool? maybe put off the searching roll until a critical moment?)
  • Somebody threatening his cover as smuggler — maybe a dying guy flashing him the recognition signal while he’s with the other folks in the group

Lucian’s guy, Reig the Jarou, is a cute and fuzzy alien who is also a shapeshifter and also some kind of courier and spy for the rebellion. I’m not actually sure there is a real, monolithic Rebellion like folks seem to be assuming — I think probably it’ll work better if it’s more fragmented. I’m not actually sure if he knows about Tesher’s rebellion activities. I should ask. Anyway, stuff that would facilitate what he wants:

  • Somebody with a pet he can impersonate (perhaps the rich tyrant has a pet catlizard)? It has to be somebody he can basically talk information out of, though, so they’d need information he could get.
  • A chasm to fly across (or perhaps just two buildings, pursuing somebody) or water to swim through
  • Everyone getting captured with him, and him getting to smuggle something into the prison like lockpicks or a blaster or something

Sara’s guy, Garue, is a burly fighter-type with a big mace, surprising nobody. Apparently she has done some guard jobs for Tesher and Reig. Let’s see:

  • Some helpless people being oppressed that she can stand up for
  • Some kind of rioting crowd situation that she can identify, calm, and lead
  • And, of course, lots of fighting.

Roger’s guy, Squee Matel, is an engineer type who, I am guessing, is like Tarzan except raised by droids rather than monkeys. He doesn’t really fit into the previous trio, but I think he and the remaining two will form a decent trio of their own. So:

  • Some droids for him to talk to, which means they have important information for some reason.
  • Some excuse to use his hidden blaster pistol, which means perhaps the capture scene, or perhaps a fight at a party where they have to surrender their weapons, or perhaps he has a chance to shake hands with a dude he wants to kill.
  • Some kind of “weird vehicle” to pilot — maybe a mecha?
  • Something to analyze in his lab.

Touchy’s guy I don’t have a sheet for but have seen fragments of, and he seems to be kind of a romance novel beta male hero — he’s a nerd, but a hunky nerd. I am thinking he is a slightly more “theory” type than Squee, who is pretty hands-on (or grippers-on). I’m not sure what to do for him. I guess

  • Some lady to be enamored by him, perhaps a bureaucrat. Perhaps she is secretly a big fan of his and reads all his publications.
  • Some meaty problem to work on. I was thinking maybe the hyperdrive goes out (due to damage? sabotage? a tracer beacon thing?) and they have to refigure their position or something.

Iain’s guy I basically have nothing for except he’s some kind of psychic psychologist, I think maybe a telepath who found out something he shouldn’t. I guess I will have to play things by ear for him.

So, what do we have. It seems like there is a reasonable ‘rebel/smuggler’ trio and a reasonable ‘engineer/academic’ trio. Given Iain’s suggestion, how about this? Iain’s guy discovers something droid-related that is secret, like a secret research project. He needs help getting it (why? perhaps he finds out Bad Guys are trying to get at it, and he wants to get there first), so he gets in touch with first Touchy’s guy and Squee, and then when more physical stuff is required, the other trio.

So probably we could open with them talking about the plan and then run with it. Oh, yeah, and there’s the question of what the mcguffin is. Right now I’m thinking it’s what I am imagining the mcguffin of KOTOR is (I am watching the let’s plays but it’s just getting started on the main plot), namely, a giant factory that turns out droid soldiers. Like, maybe it’s so big it’s a planet in itself. Maybe it turns out giant droid soldiers, ie, mecha.

Anyway, apparently we need to work an evil tyrant into this. It’d be interesting if he’s not the big bad here — like, maybe he’s got more of a Jabba role. I guess given the Jabba setup, maybe there’s a particular person who knows more about this thingy. Maybe that particular person disappeared a while back. Maybe they show up in an image shot of some slave pit deal on this guy’s planet. So first they have to break in and get this info, and then they have to track down this guy, and then they have to make it to the factory. Hopefully tracking down the guy alerts the tyrant that they’re onto something good, and he tracks them down to the factory just as some other bad guy arrives there, so we get some kind of cool three-way thing. And then end the session.

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