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January 20, 2011

A Fistful of Pistons

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It’s time again! Specifically, time to run another RPG. The pitch here is basically “steampunk western”. Inspirations include Girl Genius, Sergio Leone and Wild Wild West (the bad movie and the tv show).

Teaser: The characters arrive at the little Mexican border town of San Miguel, which turns out to be the arena for a bitter feud between two less-than-savory families, not to mention being suspiciously near the site of an upcoming transfer of a fortune in gold bars.

Archetypes: Not an exhaustive list.

  • Gunslinger-for-hire
  • War-weary ex-soldier
  • Undercover US marshal
  • Fresh-faced kid with a gun they’ve never shot anyone with
  • Journalist trying to work their way East
  • Bandit, reformed or otherwise
  • Pony Express rider
  • Surveyor
  • Telegraph engineer
  • Professor
  • Count Mephisto And His Amazing Mechanical Men!

Characters should be a little hungry for something.

Systems: FATE variant, as is become usual. 30 points to spend on skills, Drive is renamed Riding, Pilot is renamed Vehicles, Deceit absorbs Sleight of Hand, and Contacting/Empathy/Rapport/Leadership are dropped in favor of Social. Social is a “generic” skill — Social: (group) is a different skill for each group, and covers things like identifying, impersonating, and interrogating of members of that group. Valid groups for this one-shot include The Law, Back East, Bandits, The Army, and Ordinary Townsfolk. (You could use a stunt to let you use another appropriate skill in place of a Social skill.)

When/Where: January 29th and February 5th at 1pm eastern, probably for four-hours-ish each time.

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