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December 15, 2011

Hexmap extension for mediawiki

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One of the things that came out of Agents of Empire was that people wanted a hexmap they could edit, and there weren’t any good hexmap extensions for mediawiki (or any real RPG mapping extensions at all that I could find). So I did one up. It’s pretty simple but I figured other people might want to mess with it, so here it is for download. More details after the cut:

There’s a readme included in the zipfile giving more details, and you can see it in action on the site, but the main thing of interest is the syntax for what you have to type to make stuff work. Here’s a sample chunk of text that you’d put in the wiki page:

  <hexmap width="800" height="600">
  meadow: 1
  lake: 2
  swamp: 3
  Hau Ndogg (7,3): text
  K1 (6,1): an unexplored lake hex, outlined n, nw, sw, ne
  O1 (10,1): an unexplored meadow hex with a resource, outlined n, nw, ne, se
  K2 (6,2): an unexplored swamp hex, outlined nw, sw
  K3 (6,3): a lake hex with a refinery, outlined nw, sw
  L3 (7,3): a lake hex with a refinery
  M3 (8,3): a swamp hex with a refinery

Pretty easy, right? This assumes that you have images corresponding to each hex type, but I’ve included some sample ones in the zipfile to get you started. Anyway, hope this is helpful for somebody. If you do use it, lemme know!

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