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May 6, 2009

Return of the Golden Parrot: Intro

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Ok, shuffling around everyone’s preferences, it looks like we’re going to be playing on Saturdays from 12-5 mud time (ie, eastern), starting May 16th and running 3 or 4 weeks. Here’s the premise:

Four years ago, the Golden Parrot, under the command of Captain Danvers, set out on a dangerous mission to find an enormous emerald, known as The Sea’s Blood. Danvers put together the crew on the promise of sharing the wealth equally should the jewel be found, and after various dangers and troubles, it was. But the gem was never sold: on the night before the crew was to arrive back at port, a huge storm came up and the ship sank. Most of the crew survived, but not Captain Danvers. Or so they thought.

A few weeks ago, one of the former crew heard the news of a newly-arrived stranger in town, a man with a priceless jewel he intended to display at a fabulous ball and then auction off at the ball’s conclusion. The jewel was the Sea’s Blood. The man was Captain Danvers. It was time for justice.

The remnants of the crew gathered back together, intent on piecing together what really happened, and getting their own back from Danvers — one way or another.

Interested? Awesome. Let’s talk characters:

Like I said last time, this’ll be using Spirit of the Century. Characters should be former crewmembers, or otherwise related to them (a child? a spouse? a friend?), and should probably be up for a heist or a deception or a swordfight, since those seem like the most likely angles.

Mechanically, SotC characters have three parts: skills, aspects, and stunts. That link tells you most of what you need to know about them, but here it is from a create-from-scratch perspective. (Also, the numbers here are a little different in a few places, since I’m sizing for a one-shot.)

Skills: the list of skills is given here. Your rank in a skill can be one of the following: Mediocre (if you have no training; +0), Average (+1), Fair (+2), Good (+3), Great (+4), Superb (+5). Specifically, you have 20 points to spend (a rank costs as many points as its bonus, so a Good costs 3 points), and you must have at least as many skills of a lower rank as you do of a higher rank (so you can’t have 2 Greats and only 1 Good). In practice you’ll probably end up with a “standard” distribution like 1 Great, 2 Goods, 3 Fairs, 4 Averages, rest Mediocre; an “expert” distribution like 1 Superb, 1 Great, 1 Good, 2 Fairs, 4 Averages, rest mediocre; or a “generalist” distribution like 2 Goods, 3 Fairs, 8 Averages, rest Mediocre.

Resolve lets you take more mental damage (one extra hit at +1, +3, and +5); Endurance lets you take more physical damage (ditto), and Alertness generally determines initiative order in combat. Otherwise skills do pretty much what they sound like. In some cases stunts (see below) give you bonuses to skills, or let you use one skill in place of another.

Aspects: Aspects can be whatever; you use them to represent personality, background, habits, abilities, and so on. They have two uses: you can spend a fate point and activate a relevant aspect to get a +2 on a roll; and the GM can give you a fate point and activate a relevant aspect to get you in trouble (like hubrises in 7th Sea). So you’ll probably want some aspects like Quick Tempered that can easily activate for both uses. You have 7 aspects and they can be whatever you like. 7th Sea advantages, backgrounds, virtues, and nationalities are all good choices for aspects.

Stunts: Stunts are more specialized mechanical benefits. There is a big list in the standard rules, and in addition my 7th Sea conversion defines some for Swordsman schools and Sorcery. Or if you want something similar to an existing stunt but not quite, talk to me. You get 4 stunts.

And that’s it!


  1. Just to check, if I haven’t played 7th Sea before, I should go directly to the SotC rules, right? Which isn’t the URL you posted, but it’s one hop away —

    Who else is playing? We ought to chat a bit about characters, to get a good party mix. On the other hand, if we’re the random survivors of a shipwreck, maybe random is the way to go. I’ll try to remember to get on the MUD a few times this week, anyway.

    Comment by Iain — May 11, 2009 @ 2:31 am

  2. Yeah, that is a good writeup (although I did a slightly different take on the damage rules in the latest post in the blog here).

    In terms of characters I am pretty sure I can make it work however mechanically, but in terms of avoiding shtick overlap, we have maga playing a brawny female ship’s surgeon/cook, Jota playing a swashbuckly scoundrel type, and Roger playing some kind of keen-eyed crow’s-nest type. It’d probably be helpful to drop by once or twice before the game, but yeah, I will cheerfully roll with whatever you throw down.

    Comment by inky — May 11, 2009 @ 10:43 am

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