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May 8, 2009

Return of the Golden Parrot: Rules

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I wrote up a summary of the rules earlier but here is a more up-to-date version of some things to know.

Damage: You have two damage tracks, a mental/social one and a physical one. They both work the same way. When an attacker rolls higher than the defender, the difference in the rolls is taken by the defender as damage. Each person has 1 box, plus 0-3 boxes depending on their Endurance or Resolve (depending on damage track). Each point of damage checks off a box; if you need to check off a box and can’t, then you’re out of the conflict and your opponent gets to say what fate befalls you.

Four boxes at most isn’t very much, so probably you’ll also need to bring consequences into play. You have three possible consequences you can take: a mild consequence (which negates two points of damage), a medium consequence (which negates four points), and a severe consequence (which negates six points). Note that you only get to take one of each type. Note also that if your consequence negates more damage that you’ve taken, you can uncheck boxes (if possible) — say, taking a five-point hit and using your six-point concession lets you uncheck one box. Finally, if you can take a consequence or have boxes left, you can instead offer a concession: you lose the fight but on terms you dictate, if your opponent accepts.

Example: You have two boxes total and are hit for four points of damage. You can choose any of the following:

  • Lose the fight; your opponent dictates what happens.
  • Cross off two boxes and use your 2-point concession (if available)
  • Cross off no boxes and use your 4- or 6-point concession (if available)
  • Offer a concession; you lose but in a way you dictate, if they accept

When you take a consequence, you take an aspect to go along with it, like “Slash across forehead” or “Embarrassed in front of queen”. These can be activated as normal, by you or by your opponents. Mild consequences (and checked boxes) go away at the end of the fight; medium consequences go away at the end of the session; severe consequences go away at the end of the adventure, or when you have extended downtime.

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