Dan Shiovitz danshiovitz@gmail.com
(206) 861-9164
Seattle, WA


Software Engineer, Meta 10/16 - present
Lead on a team of ~ten developing a workflows product for internal users, starting from zero and ending with a system able to run hundreds of millions of workflows per day. Dealt with the entire internal product space: api and architecture design, customer engagement, security and privacy (user data management), deployment, migrations, etc.
  • See the talk I did about workflows for Systems @Scale: blog, video
Principal Software Engineer, Impinj 3/15 - 10/16
Worked on the software solution that provided simplified configuration, management, data analysis, and advanced job control for Impinj's fixed-mount RFID reader products.
  • Led design on system architecture, API, and domain model
  • Designed and developed major components for messaging, job scheduling, data processing, etc
  • Provided technical support to internal and external customers around proper interaction with the system
Lead Software Engineer, zulily 4/14 - 3/15
Senior Software Engineer, zulily 5/12 - 4/14
Developer and eventual team lead for software for running zulily's warehouses - responsibilities covered tools for individual workers and managers to use; reporting applications for the warehouse as a whole; and back-end services for conveyor-belt control and and planning flows of goods.
  • Team lead on 4-5 person team: managed projects and ensured things were delegated appropriately and done on schedule, as well as doing hands-on development
  • Led migration from monolithic windows-stack application to microservices-based linux-stack architecture, while the application was in continuous use and without causing data errors or downtime
  • Developed pull-model zero-downtime continuous deployment system, with self-monitoring and automatic rollback, integrated with the services management configuration
  • Led design of new architecture when warehouse transitioned to new picking/packing system with addition of new conveyor hardware
Senior Engineer/Architect, OCS
(acquired 8/11 by National Research Corporation)
3/10 - 5/12
Worked on NRC's suite of products for healthcare survey presentation, data processing, analysis, and reporting.
  • Took over development and maintenance on software site with limited transition from previous developers
  • Designed and developed client and server to automatically gather patient data from customer sites with limited network capabilities



I have a variety of (mostly technical) interests outside of work. Some of my more interesting academic and personal projects include:


M.S. (Computer Science) University of Wisconsin-Madison 9/97 - 5/99
B.S. (Computer Science) and B.A. (English) University of Washington 9/91 - 6/97