Gifts are based on a point-cost attribute-construction system like in Nobilis. Gifts that combine two powers cost as much as the higher-priced one, plus one. The attributes:

Base Power Level
Level NameBase CostBonus ProvidedWho can do this
Superb 7 higher bonus Very few people
Great 6 +3 -
Good 5 negate -3 Experts
Fair 4 +2 -
Mediocre 3 negate -2 The character
Poor 2 +1 -
Terrible 1 negate -1 Anyone

"Base Cost" is the base cost for something with this level of power. "Bonus Provided" is the bonus given by this gift -- either an actual bonus, or the negation of a penalty. "Who can do this" is an alternate measure of power: how hard it is to find someone with the skill to do this (the base score is if this sort of person can do it easily; the - above is for people who can do it with some work). Probably only one of the last two columns is applicable.

Modifiers combine with the base cost to determine the final cost:

Frequency of Use
FrequencyCost Modifier
Very common (3+ checks/session) +1
Common (1-2 checks/session) +0
Uncommon (1+ check/adventure) -1
Rare (less than that) -2

Naturally gifts will be more useful in some adventures than in others, so this is intended as an average.

Applicability of Power
ApplicabilityComparisonCost Modifier
Widely applicable Every conversation skill +1
Applicable Chef +0
Limited Baking -1
One-trick Making toast -2

Other Limitations on the Gift
LimitationsCost Modifier
None +0
Some -1 to -3, depending on severity

Sample gifts and their costs
NameBase CostFrequencyApplicabilityTotal CostNotes
Hair-Trigger Reflexes Mediocre
negate -2 surprise penalty
Common Limited 2
Good with Languages Fair
+2 to language rolls
Uncommon Limited 2
Athletic Fair
+2 to non-combat physical rolls
Common Widely Applicable 5
University Education Fair
+2 to some checks
connections with some people
Rare, Rare Applicable, Applicable 3 This is a combination of two related gifts, each of which costs 2 points, so it totals max(2,2) + 1 = 3
Always Has a Blaster Handy Poor
char has blaster normally
Uncommon Applicable 2 The character uses a blaster Very Commonly, but is in situations where they need a blaster and might not have one Uncommonly
Wirt Familiar Good
Wirts uncommon but not rare
Common Limited 4 Common but limited, since it gives a bonus to some rolls but doesn't do much otherwise
Marathon Guild Member Fair
various privileges
Rare Limited 1
High Endurance Superb
+3 to long-term physical rolls
Common Widely Applicable 6 Includes -1 from limit: long-term things only
Lucky Fair
+2 to some checks
Very Common Widely Applicable 5 Includes -1 from limit ("Gift not voluntarily activated")
Charismatic Fair
+2 to some checks
Common Widely applicable 4 Includes -1 from limit ("Only works vs minor NPCs")
Patrol Member Fair
misc privileges
Uncommon Applicable 2 It is Uncommon for it to provide benefits, and has a 1-point limit ("Some people have a negative reaction to Gift-holder")
Always Has the Right Gadget Fair
character can do it herself, with work
Common Widely Applicable 5
Ambrogia Swordsman Training Fair
some bonus plus misc benefits
Very Common Limited 4
Keen Senses Poor
+1 to sensing rolls
Common Applicable 2
See In The Dark Mediocre
negates -2 penalty
Uncommon Widely Applicable 3 Uncommon on average -- more in some adventures, not at all in others. Widely Applicable since it helps every vision-based skill.
Fight In The Dark Mediocre
negates -2 penalty
Uncommon One-trick 1 Uncommon on average -- more in some adventures, not at all in others. One-trick, since it only helps in a narrow set of circumstances. Total cost would be 0, but 1 is the minimum.
Very Wealthy Great Common Widely Applicable 7 Great, in this case, means "the amount of money an expert would have if they put some work into making money" -- probably the equivalent of a $500k salary
Hair Never Mussed Terrible Uncommon One-trick 1 1 is the minimum cost, of course