Sir Gilford Mallory, Bart.: About 60 years old, medium height, white hair, still very dominant lord-of-the-manor personality. Very proud of William. Expects womenfolk to obey him. Thinks college probably spoiled Hypatia. Thinks Edmund is impudent and whiny.

Lady (Cynthia) Mallory: About 50 years old, still fairly handsome. Also pretty meek. Inclined to sigh and be overwhelmed by family, but anxious to do good works in the village. Proud of children, vaguely wishes they would get along better. Thinks Charles R is so kind and understanding. Admires Lord B's dress sense.

Mr. Edmund Mallory: About 30 years old, dark hair and eyes, skin deeply tanned from four or five years in Africa. Soul of a poet, crushed to death by the War. Still pretty shell-shocked. Can't believe people can go about their daily lives when they're all going to die. Doesn't really feel like he fits in anywhere. Finds William insufferable and despises him along with other politicians for the War. Similarly dislikes Lord B, but at least he's charming. Hypatia is smart girl but she won't stop prodding him about the War. Loves Elizabeth, or at least finds her immensely soothing and delicate. Can't stand father ordering him around.

Mr. William Mallory: About 23 years old, blond hair. Desperate to live up to father's expectations and make something of himself. Can't believe Edmund is wasting everything feeling sorry for himself, but then he always did get the good stuff and keep it, the jerk. Likes Hypatia but hopes she doesn't do anything too outrageous and spoil his career. Thinks Elizabeth is extremely good-looking, and who needs to listen to their wife anyway. Will do whatever he can get away with. Isn't super bright but has a certain natural cunning which will probably serve him well in politics.

Miss Hypatia Mallory: About 26 years old. Modern girl, interested in getting away from old stuff. Wants to leave the manor and move to London but isn't quite sure if she wants to get a job or what. Is doing some volunteer work. Fond of William, who is charming although egotistical, and Edmund, who is (she recalls) sweet even if right now he is snappish and a loner. Intellectual.

Lord Barleyhew: About 50 years old but hardly looks it. Tall and slim, with small feet. Very nice dresser, likes all the finer things. Charming, gentlemanly, old-world courtesy (though perhaps a bit sarcastically/playfully). Terrified of scandal. Made a Baron ten years ago for service to the Party.

Mr. George Chickering: About 50, and a perpetual sidekick. Balding, little tufts of hair, short and slight, largish feet make him look like a duck. Meek and mild, but holds grudges and stews over them. Devoted to Lord B and thinks they're friends through thick and thin.

Mrs. Dorothy Chickering: About 45, sort of like a hen. As fussy as her husband is, enjoys knitting.

Mr. Charles Reed: About 55. Moved to the neighborhood recently (last six months). Typical country gentleman, enjoys farming, hunting, etc. Man of few words. Carries a torch for Lady M, who he knew 30 years ago but their parents kept them apart because he wasn't that rich, although he's worked his way up some now (more through persistence than serious talent).

Miss Elizabeth Reed: 26 and barely acts it. Thinks the stars are God's daisy chain, rabbits appear when fairies sneeze, etc. Thinks William is charming, Edmund is so deep and mysterious, and everyone is just darling.