Nobilis gifts

Since there seems to be some interest in character design, and because gifts are possibly the most broad (and hence unclear) part of the design, I'm writing this up. Gifts are essentially limited versions of domain powers: you can model having flaming hair as being a creation from the domain of Fire, for instance, or being a werewolf as a change of Physical Form. The point cost for the gift depends on how difficult the effect is (eg, changes are harder than creations — this is all explained in the domain miracle list, which is probably at one of the urls on the intro page), what range it can be used at (just on you versus on other people), and how limited the effect is (having flaming hair versus being able to create fire anywhere versus being able to create anything from the domain of Fire).

That said, don't worry about it too much: if you have an idea for a gift you want, tell me, and I'll work out the point cost. If it helps, here are some of the sample gifts in the rulebook, with explanations for the more esoteric.

Aspect gifts:

Domain gifts:

Realm gifts:

Spirit gifts:

As you can see, most gifts are Aspect- or Domain-related, depending on whether they affect your physical form or your power, but there are some that apply elsewhere. And, like I said, I can give a point score to any gift you want, so go ahead and think up whatever.