Dorothy McGuffin

Though equally as brilliant as her father, Dorothy is decidedly more applied-science. She always has a gadget for any occasion, most of which she created or modified herself. Her keen eyes and sharp tongue keep her from being as socially adept as her father, but, really, who needs social interaction when you have wrist-mounted dart flingers?


Aspects         Skills
Gadget for any occasion Legendary: 
"I'm not really a people person." Epic: 
Sharp tongue Fantastic: 
"Father!" Superb:  Engineering
Impatient Great:  Science, Weapons
"Just give me a screwdriver and five minutes alone." Good:  Investigation, Pilot, Sleight of Hand
Well-prepared Fair:  Drive, Alertness, Resources, Guns
Could clean up real nice Average:  Athletics, Academics, Gambling, Burglary, Resolve
Long-ago romance with Hank Mediocre: 
Thinks Sam Flax is a pest Poor: 

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]

Top Skills
Engineering: All mechanical and gadgeteering stuff
Science: All kinds of science (chemistry, quantum mechanics, medicine ..)
Weapons: Anything that's hand-powered, and defending in a fight with a weapon

Miss Fix-It: time to fix something reduced by two steps
Thump of Restoration: fate point + Engineering roll gets an item working immediately, for a short time
Universal Gadget: once per session, can declare you have any desired gadget, with two improvements*
Universal Gadget: (taken twice)
Ricochet: can do a trick shot Weapons attack that has a -1 penalty but does +2 stress

*Gadgets work like this: A gadget can be any in-period item (gun, toaster, automobile, etc). Improvements then modify it. Possible improvements: gadget has the additional power of another item; gadget is unusually sturdy; gadget has the power of something more modern (up to 1950); gadget is much smaller than the normal item; gadget can act somewhat independently; gadget gives +1 to a skill; gadget gives +2 to a specific use of a skill; gadget lets you use a skill in place of a specific use of another skill; other similar improvements.

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