Jackie Jay

When Western Union just isn't going to cut it, call Jackie Jay. Whether the destination's in the middle of the desert, atop the Himalayas, or at the North Pole, she'll get there, and woe to anyone who gets in her way. For a little more she'll even take you along — and if you're smart, you'll buckle your seatbelt and check it twice.


Aspects         Skills
"I've been places you haven't even heard of, buddy." Legendary: 
Can handle anything with an engine Epic: 
"Nobody gets one past Jackie Jay!" Fantastic: 
Mechanic Superb:  Pilot
"Yeah? You wanna go double or nothing on that?" Great:  Drive, Athletics
Great sense of direction Good:  Resolve, Guns, Alertness
"Five minutes ahead of schedule!" Fair:  Engineering, Endurance, Gambling, Survival
Wing and a prayer Average:  Fists, Contacting, Rapport, Investigation, Deceit
Hopes Dorothy can tune up her engines Mediocre: 
Likes Sam's willingness to go anywhere Poor: 

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]

Top Skills
Pilot: Flying planes and copters
Drive: Cars, motorcycles, and other land vehicles
Athletics: All physical skills (running, jumping, climbing ..); can be used to defend in most fights

Flying Ace: can use Pilot instead of Guns for airplane combat
Defensive Driving: -1 difficulty for driving maneuvers
Quick Draw: no penalty for drawing a gun quickly
On Top of It: spend a fate point to go first in initiative order
Danger Sense: can always take a full defensive action when ambushed

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