Swashbuckling on the High Seas

Clearly what we need more of are cutlasses, slides down convenient ropes, duels in the crow's nest with the loser falling to the sharks, cursed emeralds as big as a man's fist, and so on. Conveniently I also have some rules-light RPG systems I am interested in trying out, so I will be running a pirate-themed one-shot, probably the weekend of April 22nd/23rd, probably 1pm-6pm EDT (the date and time are currently up in the air — I'll update this when I've worked it out better).

I'll be providing character writeups for you to pick from. The current set of choices is the following:

System-wise, this is going to be extremely No Myth. To get an idea of the kind of genre tropes we're talking about here, it might be useful to look at Sean Barrett's pirate page. The specific rules set is likely to be Wushu, FATE, or one of the systems I've been working on (I will update this when I decide on the system). As usual, feel free to read in advance, but I'll explain the system on the day-of too.