Benino Capponi

Benino has clawed his way up the ladder of life: from street rat to head of a gang, to city guard, to palace guard, to private agent of the prince. His secrets are simple: tenacity, accuracy, a keen eye for weakness and a willingness to strike at it.


Aspects         Skills
Vodacce Legendary [+8]: 
Grew up on the streets Epic [+7]: 
Every man for himself Fantastic [+6]: 
"Studying Ambrogia's kept me alive more than once." Superb [+5]:  Fencing
Can fight left-handed Great [+4]:  Fists, Survival
"I can get that done for you." Good [+3]:  Alertness, Athletics, Endurance
"It's not about who strikes the first blow, it's about who strikes the last one." Fair [+2]:  Intimidation, Might, Resolve, Sailing
Average [+1]:  Deceit, Empathy, Guns, Leadership, Rapport
Mediocre [0]:  (all other skills)
Poor [-1]: 
Terrible [-2]: 

Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]

Swordsman Training: Difficulties for doing "advanced" dueling maneuvers (disarm, lock blades, tag) are reduced by 1.
Ambrogia Training: When fighting Ambrogia-style, tags to your opponent's aspects give an additional +1. Also, you may tag your "left-handed" aspect once per fight for free.
Anything Goes: Can use improvised weapons without penalty
Tracker: Can use Survival to follow/identify tracks
Last Leg: Can spend a fate point to defer a consequence for one round

About this character: Benino is your basic rough-and-tumble swordfighter. With his endurance and stunts, he's better off taking a blow if it means he can land one in return.

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