Esmeralda Perez

They call her the green-eyed tigress, and all the world's her prey. Esmeralda is bold enough to take what she wants and strong enough to keep it, and on the seas she has few equals.


Aspects         Skills
Castillian Legendary [+8]: 
Voice of command Epic [+7]: 
"Are you with me or against me, you knaves?" Fantastic [+6]: 
They call her the green-eyed tigress Superb [+5]:  Sailing
Fortune's favorite Great [+4]:  Alertness, Fencing
Queen of the sea Good [+3]:  Athletics, Might, Rapport
"In Aldana we learn that the first blow counts for twice." Fair [+2]:  Endurance, Guns, Leadership, Resolve
Average [+1]:  Contacting, Deceit, Empathy, Fists, Survival
Mediocre [0]:  (all other skills)
Poor [-1]: 
Terrible [-2]: 

Health: [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]

Swordsman Training: Difficulties for doing "advanced" dueling maneuvers (disarm, lock blades, tag) are reduced by 1.
Aldana Training: When fighting Aldana-style, you can spend a fate point to go first in a round. If you don't spend the point, you still get a +1 to your Alertness for initiative, and win ties.
Sea Legs: Can use Sailing instead of Athletics when on ship
Sea Dog: Can use Sailing instead of Fencing when on ship
Acrobat: Difficulties for complex Athletics difficulties, including falling, are reduced by 2.

About this character: Aboard ship Esmeralda is a serious force to be reckoned with. On land she is slightly less powerful, and may have to try to strike first if she can't strike hardest.

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