Rosabella Bruni

Rosabella is young, but one look into her icy eyes makes it clear that she is no one to be trifled with. And when she doesn't meet your gaze, it's even more disconcerting: she instead looks off over your shoulder, as if studying the lines of your fate, choosing which to cut.


Aspects         Skills
Vodacce Legendary [+8]: 
High-born lady Epic [+7]: 
Icy gaze Fantastic [+6]: 
"Young? I've seen things you'll never see." Superb [+5]:  Sorcery
Spider on the web of fate Great [+4]:  Intimidation, Resolve
"Look beyond the puppets — see the puppeteer." Good [+3]:  Academics, Empathy, Investigation
"Cut the right thread and you bring down the whole tapestry." Fair [+2]:  Deceit, Knives, Medicine, Stealth
Average [+1]:  Art, Burglary, Perform, Rapport, Sailing
Mediocre [0]:  (all other skills)
Poor [-1]: 
Terrible [-2]: 

Health: [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [mild, -2] [moderate, -4] [severe, -6]

Sorcery: Can use some particular kind of sorcery (see next stunt)
Sorte: This stunt lets you use the Sorcery skill to see the fate strands and arcana connected to people (this lets you use Sorcery to complement Empathy rolls, and you can use Sorcery to discover certain kinds of aspects for people). Furthermore, you can bless or curse people; this gives a +1 or -1 for all rolls associated with a particular suit (a Cups Blessing or Swords Curse). A blessing lasts until the associated roll comes up a -2 or worse; then the dice are rerolled and the blessing goes away. Similarly, a curse ends when the roll comes up +2 or better; the dice are rerolled and the curse goes away. It takes a Sorcery roll to place a blessing or a curse; regardless of whether the roll succeeds, the fate witch recieves a curse in that same suit herself.
Scary: Can use Intimidation to resist other people's Intimidation attempts
Steely Gaze: Can force other people into a contest of wills by locking gazes
Psychic: Can use Sorcery to read the magical climate of an area or object

About this character: Rosabella is designed to get what she wants with intimidation backed up by magic; she has some skill with knives but shouldn't usually need to use them.

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