Feng Guo

Honourable Fist, 4th Rank Warrior

Fame: "Feng Guo? Of course I've heard of him, do you take me for some sort of country bumpkin? That's exactly what Feng started out like himself — a humble woodworker out in the wilds of Chenghan. Suddenly everyone in the country was talking about him when he crushed the Lucky Tusks gang single-handedly, and threw the wicked tax collector of the region into a pig-sty!

He's in Only Six Devils, is he? Oh, yes, he's easy enough to spot. Not much to look at — medium height and short hair — but though he's wiry, those muscles are like steel and his hands are calloused all over. They say he used to cut down trees with his hands and carve the wood with his fingers! Usually goes bare-chested, too, which the girls love far more than his face.

Feng Guo is a virtuous young hero all right, but I'll tell you this: if he thinks you're in the wrong, swallow your pride. He's as stubborn as they come when he thinks it's a matter of honour!"

History and Heart: Your birth was as humble as they come — your family were peasant woodworkers, spending most of their time fashioning cheap tools for those who tended the farms. You never had much of an education, but as you grew you always had an instinctive sense of right and wrong. Your mother laughed and called you her "little Confucius," but in truth neither of your parents encouraged you to do much other than work.

Fortune smiled upon you when your village played host to a runaway member of the Bei clan, who claimed he had fled after clashing with his lord's son. The warrior defended your village from bandits, and was rewarded with a place to sleep, and such food as could be spared. He admired your natural nobility and powerful physique, and made you his student. He taught you to cultivate your chi, and eventually passed on his powerful Bei Fist technique.

You have never thought yourself wise but you know right from wrong, and you can't be dissuaded when you think your strength can set something right. You're not stupid; you know you're not ready to strike down Emperor Hu or overturn the bizarre laws of Only Six Devils, but you value your simple code above any law or standard of conduct, and you would throw away everything else to serve it if the matter was serious enough.

So, despite your master's wishes, as you entered your late teens you began to flourish your martial prowess: slaughtering the wicked Lucky Tusks (amongst other pirates and bandits) and casting down corrupt tax-collectors. You quickly became a local hero, and more and more of your time was taken up as word of injustices was brought to you.

You were away when the Bei clan came for your master. You left your home after burying him, determined to gain fame in the Wulin and prove that he was a man of virtue, and right to teach you the way of the Iron Fist! You don't seek to destroy the Bei, only force them to acknowledge their error... and perhaps get revenge on his killers. Your quest to increase your fame has brought you to Only Six Devils, where you have fallen in with a band of heroes all determined to recover treasures from the markets of Prosperous Devil District. You feel much stronger fighting alongside such good people, so fame should not be far away!

ORIGIN: Peasant
PASSION: Obsession - Prove Master's Virtue
REGION: Chenghan (Xi Territory)

ATTRIBUTES & SKILLS (All Skills have +1 die to their rating unless otherwise noted)

Athletics 3 [smashing stuff 1]
Climb 3
Fight 3 [palms 1]
Hardiness 3 [regain chi 1]
Lift 3 [throwing 1]

Initiative 3 [palms 1]
Dodge 3

Confidence 3 [acting honourably 1]
Inspire 3 [fear 1]

Crafting 3 [woodwork 1] (no bonus)


ARMOUR: 5 points

Status 1 (Local Hero). You're a long way from home, but if you can convince the Sage that an NPC is from near your village, they'll be well-disposed to you!

Iron Fists: You can block sharp weapons without suffering any damage, and your fists have +5 Strike rather than +0

Robust: You gain 2 Health for each point of Jade Chi you spend to heal.

Kung Fu and Extraordinary Techniques
Weapon Initiative Attack/Block Damage
Palms 5d + 15 5d + 5 Result dice - 5
Palms (Living Weapon) 5d + 15 5d + 5 Result dice + 10
Palms (Rainbow Stunning Strike) 5d + 15 5d + 10 Result dice + 10

Common Any Chi

Lightfoot is the ability to defy the rules of the world as you move! Every member of the Wulin has this kung-fu — it's so universal that you can spend any colour of chi to fuel its techniques!

1. Surefoot. Using this technique lets you run on water, climb at your running speed, cling to walls like a spider, and take no damage from falling. Cost: 1 chi of any colour.

2. Run Like a Deer. This technique lets you Cover Ground as a Free Action (i.e. you can run without losing the opportunity to attack). You also gain a +5 modifier to any Dodge roll that you describe well. Cost: 2 chi of any colour.

Eagle Claw
Common Crimson Chi (Brutal: Palms only)
Critical: Disarm or Maim

Eagle Claw may be a fist style, but it makes your fingers slash like knives!

1. Quick Rip. Activate this technique when attacking or blocking to gain a +10 modifier to the Strike of your palms. If used for an attack you also gain a +5 modifier to damage, and +1d damage if your opponent hasn't acted yet. Cost: 1 Crimson chi

2. Flashing Talons. Activate this technique to get a Secondary Attack with your palms. Cost: 2 Crimson chi

Golden Temple Bells
Common Gold Chi

This art, developed by Zan Buddhist Monks, has spread throughout Shen Zhou. What warrior would not wish to strengthen their flesh with the power of their spirit?

1. Bell-Carrying Sinews. Activate this technique to gain a +10 modifier to a Lift roll. Cost: 1 Gold chi

2. Hardness of the Bell. Activate this technique to gain a +10 modifier to your Armour for the round. Cost: 2 Gold chi

Fist of Iron
Uncommon Jade Chi (Brutal: Palms only)
Critical: Disorient or Stun

The feared Bei Fist Skill, unrivalled amongst the bare-handed arts!

1. Living Weapon. Use this technique to change the statistics of your palms to Speed +15, Strike +5, Damage +10 for the round. Cost: 1 Jade chi

2. Body of Iron. Activate this technique to gain a +10 modifier to your Armour for 3 rounds. Cost: 2 Jade chi

3. Rainbow Stunning Strike. Activate this technique while attacking to change the statistics of your palms to Speed +15, Strike +10, Damage +10. If this attack hits, you opponent loses their breath in a colour of chi for each result dice. You may also spend Jade chi to add damage dice on a one-for-one basis. Cost: 3 Jade chi

Strategy: Feng is a very typical unarmed fighter: he doesn't hit as often as a swordswoman or parry so well, but when he does hit, he hits hard. He can also take quite a pounding.

Fist of Iron is a technique you should be using every round — not only does it greatly add to your damage, but when using it, you have access to the powerful Disorient and Stun criticals. Because it changes the statistics of your Palms rather than adding to them, you can still add modifiers to those statistics, so you should use Quick Rip to enhance your attacks whenever you can. Because you can't parry as well as a sword user, you should use Body of Iron or Hardness of the Bell to boost your armour at all times. Flashing Talons is extremely useful, but be careful as you can't afford it every turn. Save enough Jade chi for Rainbow Stunning Strike, and when you have a full River, hit your opponent with a Rainbow Stunning Strike + Quick Rip to cripple them.

This text is copied from the pdf of Jye Nicolson's Auspicious Beginnings without permission, but it's a free adventure so I expect it's basically ok (if you're going to play this you probably don't want to read the adventure in advance).