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This page is for messages from the GM. Please check it occasionally, and/or add it to your watchlist and get emailed about it.

Twenty-Eighth Turn!

Sorry, everything is belated! But turn 28 is handled at last, and turn 29 is now open for business, due 11/8. Oh, and let us not forget, news from the empire!

Twenty-Seventh Turn!

Turn 27 is done at last -- turn 28 is due Tuesday (11/1), unless we can somehow get it done tomorrow.

Twenty-Fifth and Twenty-Sixth Turns!

Man, how did I miss 25? Anyway 25 is done, 26 is sort of done (exploration still being worked on), more craziness from the wormhole, and turn 27 is due Wednesday (10/26).

We're Back!

More info is on the interstitial page, and turn 25 is due Wednesday (10/19).

Turn 24/25 Interstitial

Turn 24 is done, and we're now in the interstitial break. It'll be a week or two, during which time we should catch up on any PC actions that need to be caught up on. Also note the interstitial information at the top of the turns page.

Twenty-Fourth Turn!

Turn 23 is done at last. Turn 24 will be due Thursday (9/29), and then we'll have a week delay. I'm going to attempt to catch up on all the outstanding PC actions this week, so if you have stuff you want to do, talk to me.

Twenty-Third Turn!

Turn 22 is done, mostly business as usual and prep work. Turn 23 is due Friday (9/23). Probably turn 24 will be due Wednesday (9/28), and then there'll be a week delay and the final act of the game starting 10/5.

Twenty-Second Turn!

Turn 21 is done and starting to rack up a little influence and fame, turn 22 is due Tuesday (9/20).

Twenty-First Turn!

Welcome to Hrobaj! Enjoy your explosions! Turn 20 is done, turn 21 is due Thursday (9/15). The new mechanics page for the final part of the game is up, though be warned this is just preliminary and will be changing. It does include a victory condition, though.

Twentieth Turn!

Turn 19 is done, a quiet mop-up turn. I think a reasonable plan is to have turn 20 and 21 next week, turn 22 and 23 the week after, 24 the week after that, and then have another break for a week or two. So on that theory, turn 20 is due Tuesday (9/13).

Nineteenth Turn!

Turn 18 is done, including some notes about wormhole control on the colony possessions page. Turn 19 is due Friday (9/9). And of course now that the wormhole is open, we have news from the empire! Finally, for those who missed it, there is an influence opportunities page, for people interested in increasing the colonies' political influence and power.

Eighteenth Turn!

Turn 17 is done, except for Basingbloke's writeup. Turn 18 is due Wednesday (9/7).

Seventeenth Turn!

Turn 16 is done, except for some of the land war on Arroyo. Turn 17 is due Friday (9/2). I also intend to catch up this week with the Empire-side characters to see what they've been up to.

Fifteenth Turn part deux! And then Sixteenth Turn!

Turn 15 is partly resolved; I'd like people to be a little more specific how they respond to the invasion as described on the turn. Assuming we can get that handled tomorrow, turn 16 is due Tuesday (8/30).

Fifteenth Turn!

Turn 14 is over and the enemy is on your doorstep! Turn 15 is due Tuesday (8/23).

Fourteenth Turn!

Getting back into gear here, Turn 14 is due Thursday (8/18). Still working on the new format for these turns -- turn 13 has a bunch of stuff about the situation thus far.

New Characters

If you'd like to switch characters or start a second character, now is your best opportunity to do it. (In either case please run it by me, but I imagine I'll be ok with most stuff.) In particular, you might want to think about starting a second character on the opposite side of the (ex-)wormhole from where your current one is.

Welcome Back! Thirteenth Turn!

Welcome back! For a description of the new mechanics, check out the new mechanics page. Turns are resuming Monday (8/15) -- see the turns page and in particular the reintroduction.

Turn Twelve Done, Aftermath, Hiatus

Turn 12 is done! Thanks to everyone for playing -- it's been awesome and I hope will continue to be awesome once we come back from hiatus, albeit in some different form that I haven't fully worked out yet. Also, thanks to people who were able to make the live session on Sunday. The aftermath from that seems to be:

  • The emperor has announced plans to abdicate in the near future
  • A (relatively) small Gwyne invasion fleet has appeared in the colony system
  • The wormhole has disappeared, possibly forever and everything is terrible
  • Giant space babies are not to be trusted

For more details, check out the transcript, which will probably be posted soon.

Anyway, yeah, hiatus. I'll be posting here once I know more about the proposed resumption schedule and what the game will be looking like going forward. Please continue giving me your thoughts about the schedule and mechanics and storyline of the game -- I may be posting about the game a bit in my blog also.

Twelfth Turn and Astro-Polo!

Ok, turn 11 is in the can. Turn 12 is due Thursday (7/21), after which we'll be taking a hiatus for a couple weeks, as mentioned. As mentioned in news from the empire, the Emperor is having a party on turn 12, to which any character that desires can wangle an invitation (interesting events will be available whether or not you go).

But what you're probably really interested in is the League of Champions results (which, to be clear, had the finals happen on Arroyo during turn 11, but we haven't actually rolled the results yet).

Eleventh Turn!

Turn 10 is basically complete for Aramin/Prime/Intrepid (Advantage, waiting for you). Turn 11 is due Friday (7/15).

Turn 10 Delay, New Schedule, and Hiatus

I think this Monday turn thing isn't a good idea, so I'm pushing Turn 10 to be due Tuesday (7/12), Turn 11 Friday (7/15), and Turn 12 Tuesday (7/19). And after that, the game is going to be going on hiatus for a couple weeks while I re-evaluate the mechanics and the way things are playing. I'll give more updates on this as I figure it out; meanwhile, if you have suggestions on things you'd like to see changed, or if your schedule's changing and you want to drop out, or if you're an observer and want to start playing, this'd be a good time to bring that up.

Tenth Turn!

Turn 9 is basically complete for Advantage/Aramin/Prime. Intrepid should get their act together ASAP, or else I'll throw in a default move. Turn 10 is due Monday (7/11).

In other in-game news, Tipno's chaos has settled down somewhat (returning Food and Slave prices to normal), only to be replaced with similar chaos on Topni's end (raising Robot prices by 10%).

Ninth Turn!

Turn 8 is somewhat complete, with the exception of a bunch of character interactions. Turn 9 is due Friday (7/8), and you can see its news from the empire.

Eighth Turn!

Turn 7 is complete at last. Turn 8 is due Wednesday (7/6). I think the goal will be to have turn 9 on 7/8, then turns 10-12 on the following week and then have a checkpoint in the game. Stay tuned!

And in in-game news, Tipno is in flames, both actually and politically; Food and Slave prices rise 10% for the next three turns if anyone is planning on buying or selling.

Seventh Turn!

Turn 6 is complete, including the aftermath of the Grazene vote. Turn 7 is due Friday (7/1).

Turn 6 delayed a day

Since 5 has taken so long to finish up, I'm extending the time for 6 until Tuesday (6/28). Apologies for the last-minute change.

News from the Empire!

Turn 6's news from the empire is up at last.

Sixth Turn!

Turn five is mostly done. I'm going to keep trying three-turn weeks for another week, so next turn is due on Monday (6/27). Note that like the turn page says, House Grazene's bill is up for a vote at the end of the turn, so please indicate your House's vote if you want to vote for/against it.

Fifth Turn!

The fourth turn is mostly done -- I still have followups for a few people. Continuing to attempt three turns this week, turn 5 moves are due Friday (6/24).

Fourth Turn!

The third turn is done. I'm going to try to see if we can manage three turns a week; on this theory, please have moves in for turn 4 by Wednesday (6/22), and I'll try to have results up that evening. I don't believe anyone took me up on the mechanics amnesty, mentioned below, but if you still want to swap skills around, I guess it's still an option until you file turn 4 moves.

Third Turn!

The second turn is done; please have moves in for turn 3 by Monday (6/20). I'll try to have results up that evening. And since this is turn 3, we have, at last, news from the empire!!

Fate Points and Aspects

I have codified the fate point and aspect rules.


From Iain, by kind permission of the GM: I added a Scuttlebutt page for inter-house wheeling, dealing and general chat.

Mechanics Amnesty

Since we are all still fumbling with the system a bit here, if folks would like, on either turn two or turn three, they can change their House's good and bad skills; this change isn't retroactive but does affect future purchases and actions. Similarly, characters can change their skills around if they so desire.

Second Turn!

The first turn is done and mostly resolved, with the exception of one or two people I still want to check in with. The second turn is now open; please have moves in by Wednesday (6/15). Assuming it looks like everything's in, I'll try to have results up that evening. Also, as part of this move I made a Colony Possessions section on every House's page; that'll be the section of record for what the House actually owns/has.

Processor Change!

As evidence of these rules being in beta, I am making a change to how processors work; I'd like the taxes to be challenging but not impossible. In brief, the change is that processors now take only a single turn to process goods, but higher-ranked processors are required to create the better goods. See the economics page for explicit details.

First Turn!

Hey, we're starting this thing! Today (6/2), I put up the introduction pages, finally. Unfortunately (for the game; good otherwise) I'm going on vacation next week, so I think the plan will be that the first turn will be due Saturday 6/11. In the future, I'm going to be shooting for more like 2-4 days between turns, but I don't think I'll be checking the wiki regularly while I'm on vacation, so I want to allow extra time. To get started, check out the turns page. Good luck!