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Herein are cataloged some important planets.


Hrobaj was designed by the great terraforming artist Hrobaj towards the end of the decadent Venafi Dynasty. The last Venafi Emperor commissioned it as a pleasure-garden on a vast scale, and used it to house thousands of concubines and offspring. Then the dynasty collapsed, the planet was lost, the population fell into barbarism, and so on. This collapse was only helped by the vast lodes of thorium all over the planet, which give it much higher than average radiation levels.

  • Settled by: House Advantage
  • Resources: Thorium (+4), Food (+2), Cute Animals (+0)


Hau Ndogg is on the densely jungled and swampy world of Elvis (orbiting the star ARS-232), with relatively small and highly scattered oceans. In the mists of time, an ancient civilization lived on the world; most physical artifacts of their time remain thus far well-hidden, but the evidence of their heavy gene-splicing and genetic engineering is found across every area of the planet.

  • Settled by: House Aramin
  • Resources: Unsorted Crystals (+4), Metals (+2), Food (-2), Radioactives (-2)


Arroyo is a dry, windswept place, except when it's racked by flash floods. The native sentient lifeform is the Avestruz, which looks sort of like a reptilian ostrich. They had reached an Iron Age level of technology before contact. About twelve years ago, someone discovered that the planet contains an abundance of hyperidot, one of the crystals required for tri-axis drive operation. Prospectors flocked to the region, putting pressure on the local government to maintain control.

  • Settled by: House Intrepid
  • Resources: Hyperidot (+4), Native Art (+2), Oils and Minerals (+0)


Boumfadour is a primarily aquatic planet: the surface is 90% covered in water, and the land is scattered islands, with no single large landmass. Some of the native lifeforms never leave the water, while others spend part of their life on land (the complicated trade cycles existing on-planet produce much-prized relics of the deep). Local mythology posits that the planet was originally much drier, but mysterious events in the distant past caused it to attain its current state. But regardless of their origin, the nutrient-rich oceans allow for the production of many unusual chemicals, and certain species of kelp have many important industrial applications.

  • Settled by: House Prime
  • Resources: Chemicals (+4), Industrial Kelp (+2), Bottomless Pearls (+0)


Vefna is a mysterious and ice-locked planet. The natives show no particular evidence of advanced civilization, being primarily nomadic hunters who live off scattered vegetation and hunting the wild mammoth-analogs (they have three trunks), but nevertheless the planet is home to no less than three enormous, elaborate and completely abandoned palaces, their origin and purpose unknown (even the identification as 'palace' may be false). To more practical eyes, the main value of the planet is mining the frozen gases which have accumulated over the centuries.

  • Settled by: House Raix
  • Resources: Industrial Gases (+4), Mammoth Byproducts (+2), Palace Salvage (+0)