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Where Are We?

What is the name of this corner of the galaxy where the colonies are located? Please vote!

  • The Yellow Spiral Clump
  • Kneepit
  • The Caramel Cluster
  • The Wretched Hives
  • Something Else

Secret Research

Those who control part of the Secret Advanced Physics Laboratory may wish to vote on which topic it begins researching in Turn 12. (Also, the results of the previous round of research are here.)

Prime's 'Research Group' on Gwyne

Thanks to the productive work of absolutely no one, we have access to an, ahem, "research group" on Gwyne. We can request they look into specific secret stuff. If you have something you want looked into, post it here.

  • Look into "Operation Moon Snail" to see if there are more Gwyne operatives on Prime.
  • Look into Gwynne's Nefarious Plan (below)

Gwynne's Nefarious Plan

Reig shares the following with you at the astro-polo finals: On Elvis, we have recovered decrypted Gwyne data which seems to indicate that Gwynne was planning to build something on all five of our planets, perhaps to weaponize the wormhole against the Empire. Iavo may be working for them, too, as Iavo was also interested in the same hexes listed in this data fragment. Figuring out what they were doing and what they still are planning should be a top priority in the coming weeks, as the last bit clearly says their own plans are to have us eliminated.

Weekly Poker Match

Rick Starfarer has scheduled (perhaps retroactively as of a couple months ago) a weekly game of six-card hyperstud! All of the top local colonial movers and shakers are invited (i.e., the PC's). Just dial your holovidwave set to 55-epsilon-673-double-mauve to log on (and have an IC excuse for sharing OOC information).

  • Rick is in, of course.
  • Dark from Prime will play.


If you have transcripts of the rpg elements of this game you want to share (either in-character or out of character), send them to me (lpsmith) and I'll put them up on the transcript page. Thanks!

Strange Dreams

The next time you and Reig chat in person, you chat for a while, and then Reig says, "Listen, uh, I'm not sure if this means anything, but I had this strange dream when I last visited Iavo. Just in case you experience something similar, I thought I'd tell you about it." Reig's dream.

Environmental Protection Act

Shockingly, it seems that House Gwynne left behind all sorts of hazardous garbage when they abandoned their various colonies. The Houses who graciously stepped in to assume control of these environmental disasters are left with the heavy financial burden of cleaning up the mess.

Surely the Imperial Parliament cannot let such injustice stand. Several prominent politicians are currently in the process of drafting a resolution that would levy significant fines against House Gwynne and distribute the funds to the affected Houses.

Using this page

Let's keep the in-game stuff here, and use the related Discussion page for meta-game stuff. Oh, and put new stuff at the top! Older Scuttlebutt that's no longer current has been moved to another page.