Q. So what exactly is Snap?
Snap is the popular new IF language everyone is talking about!

Q. Really? What makes Snap so great?
All its great features!

Q. Yes, but what features does Snap have?
I'm glad you asked! Snap combines all the best cutting-edge IF features and takes them one step further:

Q. One byte? Are you kidding?
I am not kidding!

Q. That is so crazy I cannot believe it.
That's not a question!

Q. Sorry, I mean, that is so crazy I cannot believe it??
I bet you would like to see an example!

Q. Yes, I -- I mean, I would, would I?
Of course you would! For example, here's the code for Cloak of Darkness: c.

Q. That's incredible, don't you think. ...?
I do indeed!

Q. What if I cannot wait and would like to start writing Snap games immediately?
Then you are in luck, my friend, because available for your use are a simple GUI Snap program creator (for people just getting started with Snap), an advanced GUI Snap program creator (for those more experienced with the system), and an anything-goes Snap program creator (warning: experts only!).

Q. Wait, I just remembered that I can't use any language that doesn't have HQ9+ support. Does Snap have that?
Of course! Snap's advanced parsing and embedded HQ9+ interpreter allows any valid HQ9+ program to be a valid Snap program! Not only that, but experimental support is in for HQ9++, the "next generation" of HQ9+ programming!

Q. That's incredible -- but what if I want to download and use this amazing language on my own computer, not over the web?
Then you should click right here and download to your heart's content!

Q. Do you have any parting catchphrases?
No, but I would just like to remind everyone that when you program in Snap .. programming's a snap!

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