Nobilis faults

Unlike most games, faults in Nobilis don't give you extra character points; instead, they're the main way to regain/get extra miracle points in play. There are two kinds of faults in nobilis, Limitations and Restrictions. Limitations are "always on", like being disabled, or having an item that contains some of your powers. You get extra miracle points at the start of the session for having a Limitation. Restrictions are things that only come into play sometimes; you get miracle points when they come into play. Finally, there are Virtues, which are like faults, but different. A virtue is an aspect of your character that is inviolate; you can't go against it, other people can't make you go against it, you can't be tricked into going against it, and you can sense what the right thing to do is in some situations involving it. Finally, it's a fault in the sense that if it gets you into deep trouble, you get a miracle point back. You can have at most one virtue; be careful about taking one you might not want to have later, because it will be TOO LATE. As with gifts, feel free to design other faults, and I'll work out a miracle point value for them.

Here are some of the sample ones from the book: