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House Prime

One of the oldest—and once one of the most powerful—member Houses of the Empire, House Prime has long since fallen to ruins. Its several star systems are now mostly populated with abandoned colonies and derelict technology, fallen long ago into disrepair. Its capital planet, Earth, has been devastated multiple times by global wars, environmental catastrophes and natural disasters. Now, it is home to only a few million survivors trying to eke out an existence.


  • Ghogg
  • Matthew

House Skills

  • Diplomacy: Good
  • Exploration: Average
  • Industry: Bad
  • Military: Average
  • Research: Good
  • Trade: Average

House Aspects

(Two things of note about the House that can be used to benefit/penalize character actions wrt that house -- this could be unusual talents possessed by the members, a particular House ethos, some standard-issue piece of equipment, etc)

Cachet: Things related to the House tend to have more "respectability" due to historical ties.

Hardiness: The surviving members of Prime have been through the school of hard knocks.

House Background

(More about the House, history, governance, name of home planet or planets, any special assets, etc)

Characters of Interest

Dark Sobalis (PC, Ghogg)

This military veteran and experimental spaceship test pilot has entered a gentle retirement of trading amongst the stars.

Great: Vehicles, Survival

Good: Engineering, Athletics, Weapons (Blasters)

Bad: Stealth, Criminal

Aspects: Seen it All (can treat new/weird/alien things casually), Keen Eyesight, Truth-linked (can sense when lies are spoken, but also has difficulty telling lies - potential fate point), Talented at games

Silentus Underscar (PC, Matthew)

The head of security and espionage (there is, as there has always been, a fine line between the two) for the last several generations of House Prime's ruling families, Silentus is now more or less an independent agent doing secret work and/or conducting spy missions for powerful but unknown interests—which may or may not be his own. No one knows exactly how old Silentus is; his ivory hair and deeply lined face suggest "ancient" at the youngest, but he's in outstanding physical shape and far more agile than many men 30 or 40 years his junior. In fact, very little in general is known about Silentus: Though he's rumored (in the few places he has allowed his name to be known) to be legendary in dealing with denizens of the underworld, his skill at keeping his own life under lock and key surpasses even his public ability to maintain secrets and move about the shadows (which is formidable indeed). All that can be said about Silentus with any certainty is that to underestimate him is to risk your own safety—and quite possibly your own life.

Great: Stealth, Criminal

Good: Athletics, Investigation, Weapons: Exotic

Bad: Engineering, Vehicles

Socializing Aspects: Average for Spies/Criminals, Bad for everything else

Personal Aspects: Secretive; Charismatic; Knower of Many Things

Raphael Helsing (NPC, Explorer)

A survivor of the Great Lake Fire of '23, Raphael has built up rugged endurance from a diet of ultra-marathons and prune juice. His hardy crew of Reef Explorers plan to leave no reef unturned.

Lord "Montgomery" McKinley Hereford Basinbloke VII (NPC, Diplomat)

A smooth talker and expert crumpet nibbler, the current Lord Basinbloke is renowned for his ability to make small talk at major intergalactic events and somehow say nothing. This makes him both one of the most talented diplomats in the galaxy for dealing with matters of universe-shattering import, and one of the useless for talking to one-to-one about anything other than how the Percy Photon Astro-Polo team is doing this season. Everyone calls him Montgomery, even though that isn't actually one of his approximately 69,105 given names. No one seems to know why this is, but there must be a reason. He'll figure it out later—right now, there's crudité to sample.

The Colony

Boumfadour is Prime's chance to start anew; to nuture rather than ravaging the natural resources, to prove to the universe they can do things right and restore their natural role as political leader.

Boumfadour map [1]