Planescape: Fallout/The story so far/Session three

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After hitting up the library (which turned out to have an unused 10th-and-a-half floor) the group discovered a reference to the rune stones being stored on Emtani, the Water Island--the selfsame island Indigo was left for dead on by Luna several months ago. Indigo adapted himself to be able to breathe underwater, and the group (sans Zahra and Hark) headed over to where a bridge between two other islands came close to Emtani and there were some floating docks attached. Indigo followed an anchor from one of the docks down to discover a barnacled rock, but was unable to make out much, while Aescher flew with Sejik over the rest of the island and found a slow spiral current in a different area of the island. He returned with Aescher and a few Pebbles of Continual Light (tm) and the two of them managed to get inside what turned out to be a storage locker of sorts, and found therein a couple helmets of water breathing. They couldn't figure out exactly how to get them to work, but they at least worked well enough to enable Sejik and Garnet to breathe underwater.

The group then rented a small pleasure paddle-boat, and headed to the spiral current, and Indigo swam down to check it out, and discovered a much larger internal rock, with a squid guarding it, feeding on the fish the current brought it. He swam back up, gathered the rest of the group, and they returned. Sejik chatted with a few fish, who told him that on the far side of the rock was a place where the current came back out of the rock, so everyone gave the squid a wide berth as they went to the far side and found a grate. As Sejik slipped through and went to find something to try to open the grate with, the squid returned! After fighting for a bit, Indigo managed to tie a tentacle to the grate, and when they finally scared it off, it ripped the grate right out of the rock. Which was fortunate, because the lever that Sejik found that he thought was going to open the grate had instead started letting air out of the rock!

With the squid gone, the group followed Sejik inside the room he had found, where runes on the walls extolled the virtues of Water and revealed that this was a sort of water treatment plant. The group eventually worked out that all the various rock-rooms stationed around the inside of the island were accessible with portals whose key was--a pyramid like the one obtained from Losil at the start of the adventure! Zipping through the different rooms, they reached the one for the Storage of Important Items, and, sure enough, there were a pair of runestones, along with gloves, a ring, and an amulet of unknown provenance, which the group borrowed in their quest despite not exactly knowing what they were for.

With that, they portaled to the storage locker rock, and bobbed back to the surface and went home, forgetting the paddle boat on the other side of the island.